Pilgrim Stories

  • Nara Pessoa

    I was very happy for the opportunity presented by the Path, which never ends, we are called wherever we are, whether on the original path, or on an island..I appreciate…

    Nara Pessoa


  • Don Pace

    This year, 2023, I walked the Camino Maltes for the first time. The weather was perfect, the route well marked and the company of some 150 other pilgrims most exhilarating…

    Don Pace


  • Clara Francesca Aquilina

    I’m Clara 😊, I am 27 years years old. I walked 260km of Camino Di Santiago (from Andorra to Santiago de Compostela) in 2017. On the 12 March of 2023,…

    Clara Francesca Aquilina


  • Vincent Vella

    The walk was well organised.. We were a group of friends did the Camino de Santiago last year, and this was like a re-union. Its nice to have a Maltes…

    Vincent Vella


  • David Battistino

    For my wife Marvic and I it was a great day yesterday. We have been to different Caminos now, but starting from home is different. We have started the Camino…

    David Battistino


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