Camino Maltés

de Santiago de Compostela

The Route

The ~3,600 km camino

over land and sea, connecting Malta to Sicily, Sardinia, Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela. Visit our FAQs page for more info.


549 Pilgrims

from 20 nationalities walked the Malta segment of the Camino Maltes / Universal Peace Walk 1543AD and were issued a Testimonium.

Correct as at end May 2024

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Over Land and Sea

Malta is now connected to the world-famous Camino de Santiago. To find out why we’re excited about this, watch and share our video!

Partners on the Road


Camino Maltés

The Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade via its Embassy of Malta in Spain together with Heritage Malta and Xircammini, Malta’s official association representing the International Federation of the Associations of Friends of the Camino de Santiago, with the support of the Malta Tourism Authority, are pleased to announce that following months of collaborative effort, Malta is now connected to the world-famous Camino de Santiago. For the first time, the more than 1,000 year old pilgrim route, now includes the Camino Maltés de Santiago de Compostela, (in short Camino Maltés) is available for both local and international pilgrims to undertake by land and sea.

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The Route

The circa 3,600 km Camino Maltés connects Malta to Sicily, Sardinia, Barcelona and eventually Santiago de Compostela.

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A Historic Route

We firmly believe, that the Camino Maltés, which has been accepted and endorsed by the competent authorities on historical grounds, will provide a unique experience for pilgrims to revisit a route which dates to the 16th century. Moreover the Camino Maltes complements the work of the Malta Tourism Authority in promoting Malta’s multi-millennial Christian faith and supporting related entities and activities, thus expanding the Archipelago’s potential as an international hub for faith tourism.

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St James the Elder Hal Millieri Church

People Walking the Camino

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A public information session was held on the 9th of January 2023. You can read accounts of this event from XirCammini here, and others on Maltese news outlets.

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