From Monterosso Almo we continue to Vizzini.

Pliny and Cicero mention the Roman city of Bidis which pre-dates present-day Vizzini.

Like Monterosso Almo and Chiaramonte Gulfi, Vizzini grew in the Middle ages as a fiefdom of the Chiaromontes and, later, the Schittinos. For some time it was also part of the royal, Aragonese, domain.

There is Arab influence in the layout of Vizzini. This is overshadowed by the Christian architecture that followed such as the statue of St Gregory and the Chiesa Madre.

The town was severely damaged by the 1693 earthquake. Parts of the old town hall were subsequently used in the building of the portal of the Chiesa Madre in 15th-century Gothic-Catalan style

From Vizzini the road continues to Granmichele following the .gpx route.