Geraci Siculo

Geraci Siculo

From Sperlinga the walk continues, always in a westward direction to Geraci Siculo.

Geraci Siculo is a municipality within the Metropolitan City of Palermo 70 km southeast of Palermo.

Although Geraci Siculo is a very small village it has a long history. During the Norman period it was given as a fiefdom to the Sicilian family Ventimiglia family.

Besides the Church of Saint Anne which is part of the Castle of Geraci there is also the convent of the Capuchin friars, a 14th century church of St. James, the gothic-style Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian, and the 14th century Church of Santa Maria Maggiore.

From Geraci Siculo the walk continues to Castelbuono, following the .gpx route.

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