From Geraci Siculo the walk continues, always in a westward direction to Castelbuono as we continue to approach the Metropolitan city of Palermo.

The name Castelbuono is derived from the castle, built in 1316, while the area was a fiefdom of the Ventimiglia family on St. Peter’s Hill. Castelbuono was preceded by the Byzantine town of Ypsigro. The castle is an interesting construction, with several modifications over the years but with prevalent Arab, Siculo-Norman and Swabian architectural tones.

The castle served more for residence purposes than it did as a defence structure and this is attested by the various alterations even later on in the 17th century when the Ventimiglia family moved from Palermo to take up residence in the castle.

Castelbuono is famous for the Podistico Internazionale Castelbuono, perhaps the oldest urban road running competition held annually in the city since 1912.

From Castelbuono the walk continues to Gratteri following the .gpx route.

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