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From Capizzi the walk continues, veering somewhat west towards the southern slopes of the Nebrodi National Park and to Sperlinga.

750 metres about sea-level, Sperlinga is a town dating back to Norman times as attested by its medieval castle of 1113. It also has troglodyte houses. During the Norman era the town was known as Sperlingua. 

An inscription on the doorway of the castle, “Siculis placuit sola Sperlinga negavit”, suggests that Sperlinga did not participate in the Sicilian Vespers of 1282 against the Angevins.

From the 14th century onwards Sperlinga moved from one noble family to another, including the Ventimiglia, Natoli and Oneto as a fiefdom under the Aragonese, and later Spanish rule.

From Sperlinga the walk continues to Geraci Siculo following the .gpx route.