Piazza Armerina

Piazza Armerina

From Mirabella Mbaccari the walk continues to Piazza Armerina.

Piazza, as it was known prior to 1862, had been inhabited from pre-historic times as evidenced in the Roman villa with its large mosaics in Villa Romana del Casale. There are also remains, artifacts of old settlements and a necropolis from the 8th century BC found within the area.

However it flourished mainly under Norman rule from the 11th century onwards. Under Norman rule Lombards settled the central and eastern part of Sicily including Piazza.

The medieval history of the city manifests itself in some of its houses, which show Norman or Gothic architecture. Interesting also is that various monastic knights had a presence in Piazza Armerina. There is also Borgo San Giacomo where the Confraternity of St James in Sicily runs an albergue.

From Piazza Armerina the road continued to Valguarnera Caropepe following the .gpx route.

Practical Note: This being a larger town, one would find self-service launderettes, mini markets and an abundance of diners/restaurants.