Ta’ Gieżu Church (Nativity of Mary)

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Although the 14th century Santo Spirito Hospital in Rabat had a Franciscan rector, there was no evidence of a Franciscan minor presence in Malta prior to the 1490s. The Franciscans opened their first friary in Rabat in 1492. The church was built about a decade later. The Franciscan church and friary have an important place in Hospitaller history since the first Grand Master in Malta, Philippe Villiers de L’ Isle-Adam maintained a room in the friary despite having his palace in Fort St. Angelo.

The room where he died in the friary in 1534 has been restored.

From Ta’ Gieżu Church the route continues past the Domus Romana (Roman Villa), through the Greek Gate in the Mdina Ditch to the piazza of the Cathedral of St Paul in Mdina.