Sant Andrea Frius

Sant Andrea Frius

From Soleminis the walk continues to Dolianova and Sant Andrea Frius.

Dolianova (known is Sardinian as Patiolla) is composed of, historically two towns, Sicci San Biagio and San Pantaleo. Dolianova is renown for wine and oil. Sicci San Biagio and San Pantaleo from the late middle ages were church fiefdoms with the first document that mentions Dolia going back to 1089.

The villa of Marchioness Boyl of Putifigari, now the museum of oil “Sa Mola de su Notariu is worth seeing in Dolianova.

The Chiesa Madre in Dolianova is the church of San Pantaleone

Sant’ Andrea Frius  is some 30 km away from Cagliari in the South of Sardinia.

The area was inhabited from neolithic times and has later been inhabited by Phoenicians, and Romans. In medieval times it was a fiefdon under several successive lords including the Giudicato of Cagliari the counts of Capraia, the Giudicato of Arborea, the Republic of PisaThe Aragonese and Spanish.

From  Sant Andrea Frius we continue to Silius.