San Klement, Zejtun

San Klement, Zejtun

The chapel of Saint Clement was built as a thanksgiving for a vow made by, Clemente Tabone, a militia member who came from a very rich land-owning family in what is now Zejtun.

In 1614 a fleet of Ottoman galleys landed some 6,000 men in St. Thomas Bay in Marsascala attacking Żejtun. Tabone would have been part of the Dejma (militia) continent that responded to canon fire from San Lucjan Tower.

Legend says that Clemente also lost his sword in the skirmish with the Ottomans. He vowed that should his life be spared during this ordeal he would build a chapel in honour of his name-sake, Saint Clement, to whom he prayed.

The chapel was built in 1658. Clemente and the feast of Saint Clement is celebrated annually every 23 November with vespers and mass.

From the Church of Saint Clement the walk continues through Triq ic-Cawsli to the Hompesch Gate, Żabbar.