Casino Notabile

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Despite the intricate detail and splendour of this relatively small ‘club ’house reminiscent of the earlier, golden era of the knights of Saint John, the Casino Notabile is a 19th century building commissioned and used as a club house by Maltese nobility during the British era. The designs are of Webster Paulson, a British architect that was originally sent to Malta to supervise the construction of the Royal Opera House in Valletta and, later, also designed the Holy Trinity Church in Sliema. The Casino Notabile is Paulson’s last work and he did not live to see it completed. Sicilian sculptor Giuseppe Valenti sculpted the intricate building’s exterior.


With the Casino Notabile on our right we descend the Saqqajja steps towards the pedestrian crossing towards the Saqqajja racing lodge, il-Loġġa tal-Palju.