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From the port of Cagliari the walk continues through central Cagliari and Monserrato to Soleminis.

Cagliari (Sardinian: Casteddu, named after the castle protecting the old city) is a home to several ancient settlements from the neolithic period through the Carthagenian, Punic Roman and Byzantine civilisations. Historical sites include the prehistoric Domus de Janas, a large Carthaginian era necropolis, a Roman era amphitheatre, a Byzantine basilica, three Pisan-era towers and a strong system of fortification that made the town the core of Spanish Habsburg imperial power in the western Mediterranean Sea.

For half a millennium, Sardenia enjoyed self-rule under the Aragonese and Spanish / Habsburg empire from 1324 to 1848. Cagliari was then the capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia. It later became part of the Kingdom of Italy.

The Cagliari Soleminis route initially pursues the seafront and the Terramaini cycle path up to Monserrato. After the cemetery the walk continues on dirt roads to Settimo, descending to Soleminis after that. It is important that one carries a sufficient supply of water.