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From Gratteri the walk continues in a westward direction to Cerda via Collesano. Cerda, a village within the municipality of Palermo in the Sicily region is approximately 45 km from Palermo.

Cerda was established in 1526 by Salvatore Bardi and was later bestowed to the Marquis of Cerda, Giuseppe Santostefano as a Feudal town. The latter improved Cerda economically by investing not only in the town but also in developing the surrounding area. Within the territory of Cerda there is also the Granza forest and Bomes lake, which – time permitting – a worth a visit by pilgrims passing through Cerda.

Places of attraction within Cerda include the Church of Madonna dei Miracoli, the Benedictine Monastery of S.Maria di Brugìtabì, the Immaculate Conception parish church and Palazzo Russo; Palazzo Russo being adorned with 19th century frescos of Sicilian artists Cavallaro and Brusca.

From Cerda the walk continues to Caccamo following the .gpx route.