Church of Our Lady of Loreto

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Important Note: This church is not accessible from the road which the pilgrims are on and is generally closed. It is strongly advisable that persons do not attempt to cross the road to visit the church because the airport ring road is considerably busy with industrial traffic and dangerous to cross if not at a designated pedestrian crossing.

The church of Our Lady of Loreto is an 17th century votive church built in thanksgiving for the village of Gudja being spared from the plague.

It also lies on an older church of a hamlet known in mediaval times as Casal Qadi, within the confines of Bir Miftuh Parish.

As we approach the long-stay airport car park, we encounter a pedestrian crossing that takes us across the road in the direction of the village of Gudja. As soon as we cross the main thoroughfare (Triq Ħal Far) at the pedestrian crossing, we head into Triq De Warsbergh and turn left in Triq Bir Miftuħ towards the Church of Bir Miftuħ.